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Sit and Stay

Pathfinder Search and Rescue is devoted to our children and the community.  We support our community by actively participating in programs such as Sit & Stay, and Adopt A Street.

Sit and Stay has been provided to us by our affiliate team MARK-9 SAR in Dallas, Texas.  This program targets children in elementary school, but can be modified for older children.  It is available to any organization dealing with children.  Such as Boy or Girl Scouts, Church groups and Schools.  It teaches children what to do if they are lost, covers bite prevention and the kids get to meet the Search dogs if time allows.  It focuses on the positive and is fun for us as well as the children.  To date we have reached over 8,200 children.

To Schedule a class please e-mail.  Sit and Stay




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We do not charge for any service we provide to the community!

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